Custom-Made Evenings at Lea Matthews

Would you like your own Ladies Night Out?

Throughout the years, Lea Matthews has hosted countless seminars.   They’ve accessorized, designed florals, decorated Christmas trees and educated many people about design.  As door prizes have been awarded, new friends have been made and old friends have been reunited.

With summer approaching, Lea Matthews would like to bring a new flavor to their Wine & Cheese Wednesdays. The staff is offering you the opportunity to attend a Wine & Cheese Wednesday custom made just for you and your group of friends. You can be old friends from high school or college, friends from work – – you can even be a women’s club. It really doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone is welcome; and it doesn’t even have to be on a Wednesday.    

Schedule your custom-made evening at Lea Matthews.  They’ll provide  the refreshments and a beautiful place to meet.  They’ll even create the “entertainment” according to your specifications.  A perfect evening with your friends is just a phone call away. Call Jill Mitchell, Manager,  (812) 431-1195 or Joan Fraser, Creative Director (812) 499-6647.