Lea Matthews Furniture Interior Design Evansville, Indiana

About Lea Mathews

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The job of getting a room of furnishings and accessories to work together and flow with the room architecturally is often complicated. Making the right choices requires knowledge, experience, talent, and most of all, the ability to listen.

At Lea Matthews, our designers possess all of these characteristics. We’re here to work for you. Your input is the most important part of a successful design. Our designers keep in mind your needs and your budget.

Make your furnishings and accessories work together and flow with your space

It’s our goal to make sure every client is completely satisfied. If we have made you happy, then we have achieved our goal. To us, a good recommendation is the ultimate compliment!

Whether you’re looking to outfit your entire home, or one small room at a time, our unique and hard to find furniture collection has all of the focal points and essentials you desire. All in the most beautiful fabrics, finest wood grains, and on trend colors.

The Showroom @ Lea Matthews

Our showroom is constantly changing and evolving. It is a challenge we love to tackle weekly. At Lea Matthews, our visual merchandisers have the task of “making things work.”


Lea Matthews is just a wonderful place to go for ideas and inspiration when decorating your house. Rest assured, our talented designers are always available to help you bring your dreams to fruition. There’s really no other store like it.